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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can students choose the school they will attend?
Specific school placements for international students are not guaranteed. Final decisions regarding school access and placements for international students will be made solely by Edmonton Public Schools, depending on capacities to accommodate.

Is the application fee included in the tuition price or is it a separate fee?
It is a separate fee and non-refundable.

Can the application fee, health insurance fee and tuition be paid at the same time or do they need to be paid separately?
It Is required that all fees be paid at once - once the application is complete and all fees are paid, a letter of acceptance will be issued.

Can the tuition be pro-rated on a monthly basis if the student can't stay exactly a semester or wants to stay longer than a semester?
Tuition fees are not pro-rated on a monthly basis. Once payment is received for that time period, a letter of acceptance is sent to the student which they can use to apply for a study permit. A study permit is required for students applying to study for more than 6 months. A study permit is always recommended as students may decide to stay for an additional semester of studies after they get here.

When are application deadlines for first and second semester?
Students are advised to apply by April 30 for a September start and by November 30 for a February start.

If a student is applying for a full year can tuition be paid by semester? If so, what is the deadline and is there any additional administration fee?
If a student is applying for a full year, they must pay full tuition costs at the time of application, a letter of acceptance is then issued for that time period.

Will you require bank fees to be added? 
Yes, bank fees are to be paid by the sender. Payments to be made though Flywire.

Is the Homestay program run by the school or a Homestay company?
All international students requiring Homestay while attending Edmonton Public Schools' (EPS) International Student Program apply for Homestay via The Canada Homestay Network (CHN). Edmonton Public Schools contracts with CHN for Homestay Service.

Is the homestay paid monthly or in one lump sum?
All Homestay fees are collected in advance; The Canada Homestay Network will invoice for fees once an application has been submitted. For a list of fees, please visit the Homestay Program page. Monthly Homestay fees are paid to Homestay families by CHN on behalf of the students. The emergency fund covers any unexpected costs the student may incur and, if unused, is refunded when the student completes their study program and leaves their Homestay placement.

What is the age of majority in your particular province?
The age of majority in Alberta is 18.

In case of a minor, who assumes custodianship responsibilities? Program director or homestay parent?
Custodianship must be privately arranged for students who are under 18 and living in a private arrangement. Custodianship is available for students who participate in the Homestay program (The Canada Homestay Network assumes custodianship).

Is there any additional cost for airport pick-up or drop-off?
Airport pick-up and drop-off is available for students registered in the Homestay program. Please consult the Homestay Program for pricing.

Is the student allowed to travel alone with parental and program permission?
For students in Edmonton Public Schools' Homestay Program, overnight stays outside the family home are subject to the approval of the homestay parents and/or the student's Canadian guardians(s). Out of town travel with persons other than homestay family members is subject to the approval of the homestay parents and/or the guardian(s).

Does the school arrange medical insurance? Is it provincial or private insurance?
Edmonton Public Schools has a mandatory private student health insurance plan. Letters of acceptance are not issued until health insurance fees are paid. Fees are collected at the same time as the application, tuition, and Homestay fees. Students are solely responsible for all medical and other expenses that exceed the scope of the health care coverage. https://www.studyinsured.com/epsb

Is the cost of the insurance included in the tuition or paid separately?
The health insurance is paid separately.

What payment methods do you accept?
Pay fees in Canadian funds. An invoice will be issued once an application has been received, reviewed, and approved, including full payment details. International Programs uses FLYWIRE for all tuition payments. Payment must be made within 30 days of the invoice date.

Please follow the link below to begin payment: https://epsbtuition.flywire.com/

If you require further assistance with payment by flywire, please refer to their website at https://help.flywire.com/hc/en-us

Will the students get an insurance card or anything else that shows they are insured?
Students receive a healthcare information package which includes a personalized wallet card along with their Letter of Acceptance. This is sent to your agent and/or your family member. Please check your email to see if you have received this from Study Insured directly. If not, please contact isp@epsb.ca. We will have it sent to your email

Can students choose which doctor they want to see? Do they have to pay upfront and then apply for reimbursement? What about expensive bills like for hospital treatment?
Students may use whatever doctor they choose. In some but not all hospitals or clinics, students will pay up front for their medical treatment, and then submit a claim directly to the insurance company. Copies of the claim form, instructions for completing it, and a summary of benefits information are available on our website under Student Health Care.

Can a custodian pay the health care fees on the student's behalf and then receive the reimbursement cheque from the insurance company?
Yes, the custodian may pay the fees on the student's behalf, but be sure that the receipt for payment of fees is made out to the payer and that the insured's name (student's name) is included on the receipt.

What age of student will you accept? Will you accept a student who has already graduated from high school?
Students must be under the age of 20 as of September 1 to be accepted into EPS' International Student Program. In some circumstances we would accept a student who has already graduated from high school.

Do you have an orientation week? If so what dates?
International student orientations are provided at their schools, and CHN provides welcome orientations for students in Homestay. Prior to arrival in Edmonton, students must follow the steps outlined in their Welcome Letter in order for a new student registration appointment to be booked for them at their school.

What day do you prefer the students to arrive?
The earliest arrival date for students in the Homestay program is 1 week before the first day of classes. It is recommended that students not in Homestay also arrive approximately 1 week before classes are to start.

Do you offer French classes? Can an international student take a French class if they have never taken French before?
Yes, international students may take French and French as a course is available in most high schools.

Can students choose the classes they would like to take?
To a large extent students can choose the courses they would like to take, providing the courses they want are available within their timetables, and they have the prerequisites.

When will the students have vacations? Can you provide us with a school year calendar?
Holiday periods include a two-week break from the middle of December to the beginning of January, a one-week break from the end of March to the beginning of April, and a summer break during the months of July and August. You can access school year calendars on the EPS website (www.epsb.ca) and look under Calendars > Printable Calendars.

Does the program arrange any extracurricular trips or outings?
Yes, the schools often organize field trips. These are also occasionally organized by Homestay families. We do organize activities throughout the year for the students who have had our consent form signed by their parents.

Does the program offer any camps or clinics in music, dance, sports (soccer, hockey, golf, etc.?)
EPS offers the provincial curriculum which includes courses in biology, chemistry, English, mathematics, international languages, physics, social studies, computer technology as well as music, dance and art, and physical education.

Complementary activities available include: basketball, cross country running, football, choral music, gymnastics, floor hockey, debate, volleyball, musical theatre and soccer.

Edmonton Public Schools also has several alternative programs which allow students to focus on areas such as the arts, athletics or technology, while still following the provincial curriculum. There may be additional fees associated with some of the alternative programs. For detailed information about Edmonton Public Schools' alternative programs, and the schools that offer them, please contact International Programs at isp@epsb.ca.

What time does the school day begin / finish?
This varies with the school attended, but generally the day begins between 8:00 and 8:30 am, and finishes between 3:00 and 3:30 pm.

From what countries do the international students attending EPS come from?
Students attending EPS' International Student Program come from many countries including Brazil, China, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Russia, Taiwan and Vietnam.

For students from Mexico, could the school district offer a Sept. to Dec. program allowing the students to write final exams in Dec. and/or give them a final mark they can revalidate so they can continue their studies in the second semester in January in Mexico?
In any Alberta school district including Edmonton Public Schools, students need to complete course requirements to obtain credits - this process takes a minimum of 5 months.

Does the school offer help with the legalization process required by the home schools of Brazilian, Colombian, Mexican and Spanish students? If so what help is offered? Is there any additional cost?
The validation of school report cards is by request only. There is a $200 CAD charge for this service, which includes all legal, embassy and courier fees. Please click here to download the EPSB validation form.

Can I transfer schools after I arrive?
There are no school transfers once you have begun your studies at your school. 

Does ISP accept walk-in appointments?
The quickest way to receive a response from ISP is by email. Please contact isp@epsb.ca to inquire about setting up an appointment, as we do not accept walk-in appointments.

What is pre-enrolment, and how do international students participate?
Each spring, parents across the Division pre-enrol to tell us the school they’d like their child to attend next year. Pre-enrolment helps families plan and allows schools to prepare based on the number of students expected to attend in the fall.

International students must pay fees and submit a renewal application before being able to participate in pre-enrolment. Instructions on how to renew will be sent to students’ share.epsb.ca school email accounts in the fall term for those whose fees expire in January, and the winter term for those whose fees expire in June.

If the student is entering junior high or high school, ISP will be placing students at schools. Placements will depend on school capacity after resident students have been enrolled.  

Is there bussing for international students?
Edmonton Transit Service (ETS) is the preferred means of transportation for Division students. Our Division works closely with ETS to ensure all students have access to close and reliable transit routes. Yellow Bus service is not available for International Students. 

How do I obtain official transcripts?
Official transcripts are issued directly by Alberta Education, our Ministry of Education responsible for education in the province of Alberta.  Official transcripts must be ordered online directly by the student from Alberta Education using their myPass account. High school students can speak with their school office for more information.

What are the requirements of a Custodian?
Custodians should be easily accessible at all times to attend any in-person appointments.

If the custodian is unable to continue taking care of the student for any reason, they are responsible for discussing alternate arrangements with the biological parents. The custodians need to ensure that alternate arrangements are made. 

It is important to note that EPSB is not responsible for arranging care of the student in such situations.