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Academic Programs

Required provincial curriculum
The provincial curriculum consists of a challenging core of academic courses including:

Biology Music, Art, and Dance
Chemistry Physical Education
English Physics
Mathematics Social Studies
Languages including French, Mandarin, Japanese, German and Spanish Computer Technology

Credit system

  • Each high school course is assigned a credit value based upon the number of hours of instruction. Sample plan with credits
  • A minimum mark of 50% is required to receive credits.

Equivalencies from foreign transcripts

  • Once an international student has arrived at their high school, a school counselor will evaluate their foreign transcripts and determine the course for which credit will be given, as well as the grade in which the student will be placed.
  • Depending on the outcome of the assessment of their transcripts, it might be possible that a student may not be placed in the next grade level to the one just completed in their home country.
  • Placement will be based on an assessment by Edmonton Public's staff as to the level where the student is most likely to be successful. More than one year may be required to complete an Alberta high school diploma.

Complementary courses

International students are encouraged to choose from the many complementary courses available at Edmonton Public Schools. Core Academic courses and examples options