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School Profiles

Specific school placements for international students are not guaranteed. Final decisions regarding school access and placements for international students will be made solely by Edmonton Public Schools, depending on capacities to accommodate.

High School Profiles: Individual school websites are linked below; International Programs' High School Profiles for all 15 Senior Highs are also available for download.

Senior Highs with Full ESL Programs

Centre High School 
Dr. Anne Anderson School
Eastglen School
J. Percy Page School
Jasper Place School
McNally School
Queen Elizabeth School

Senior Highs with Partial ESL Programs (Intermediate English Language proficiency required)

Vimy Ridge Academy

Senior Highs with Limited or no ESL Support (High English Language proficiency required)

Victoria School of the Arts
W.P. Wagner School

* Vimy Ridge Academy follows an alternative schedule, in that school begins one week earlier than most other schools. It is recommended that students begin classes then, rather than joining mid-year. To compensate for this week early start, students get an extra week at spring break which occurs in late March.

Other division schools may also offer alternative schedules. These may vary from year to year.

2022/23 School Year Calendar

2023/24 School Year Calendar

Schools with Alternative Schedules

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